About us

Our Group

Founded in 2016, Force Media is a group of students dedicated to spreading information quickly and conveniently, as well as being a creative outlet for the charter student body. 


Our School

The Charter School of Wilmington is a high ranking, STEM focused high school. This school educates nearly one thousand children in Wilmington, Delaware. It's one of the first public charter schools in the United States, opening in 1996.

Our News

The Newspaper Club runs the official newspaper of the the Charter School of Wilmington. It's mission is to help students develop journalistic skills and express their creativity while informing, entertaining and encouraging the student body to embrace diverse perspectives. We accomplish this by publishing a wide variety of student generated articles and creative works.

Our Photography

The Photography Club shoots dozens of amazing pictures on a frequent basis. These breathtaking photos are then arranged into monthly photo galleries which can be found on this website. 

Our Film Club

The 10 Minutes Club shoots short sketches on a frequent basis. These entertaining videos can be found on this website. 

Our Coding Club

ACM is a project based programming club in room 309. Your projects will be displayed on the Force Media website.