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What is Force Media?

A letter from the President

To the Charter community, and any other guests to this page,

Welcome! This is Force Media, the Charter School of Wilmington’s home for creativity. I’m glad you’re here!

Force Media is an organization consisting of four independent clubs, each with their own medium of focus, coming together to publish on this very platform. Here, you’ll find four separate pages, each one belonging to one our four member clubs: Newspaper Club, Photography Club, Ten Minutes Club, and CSW’s Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, or ACM for short.

The Newspaper Club runs The Force File, the school’s official student newspaper, the Photography Club publishes themed photo galleries, Ten Minutes Club runs Ten Minutes, a morning show set in the halls of Charter and featuring its students and faculty, and ACM immerses the students of CSW into the world of computer science with weekly lectures, presentations, and activities. Each of these four clubs publishes new content right here at the end of every month.

We first organized in the Spring of 2016, beginning with interest meetings and applications to fill leadership positions for each of the four clubs. I distinctly remember those first interest meetings, and the sheer number of kids who came to find out more about what Force Media was going to be, and today, I feel blessed to be able to have captured that initial energy and to be able to continue to build on that excitement and passion to this day.

All of the work on this site was made out of passion, for the sheer sake of wanting to create. So please, explore! I’ll let the content made by the members of Force Media speak for itself.

Thank you for visiting.

Nikhil Kanamarla (kanamarla.nikhil@charterschool.org)

Force Media President