ACM Month One Update


    Association for Computing Machinery is one of the oldest and most prominent computing organizations in the world, having over 100,000 members and chapters throughout the world. Charter is one of 3 high schools in the world to have an active chapter of the ACM. This gives students a unique opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge in the field of computer science.

    The Charter Chapter/Club focuses primarily on a lecture teaching approach, with hands on activities occasionally if it better teaches the concept. We cover topics submitted to us from the members of the club. This way any member that has interest in a specific field can submit lesson ideas and get information from students with more experience in the field. This creates a flow of information as more experienced programmers teach the newer programmers the skills needed to progress in their field of interest. This is invaluable as computer science changes so rapidly that it is important to be able to share information between members, ACM provides the perfect environment to do this. 

    Regarding our current unit we are kicking off the year with a unit on Cybersecurity and Computer Ethics. This is a huge field and the concepts of it are useful in all aspects of computer science, especially in this era of interconnectivity. So far, we’ve covered different types of cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities that can be exploited and how to protect against them, Linux and the command line and some computer ethics. Though no official next unit has been decided, we have gotten suggestions for Linux, Web Development, Unit Game Development and Python Development as topics to cover and discuss. This year certainly will give aspiring computer scientists a solid foundation to move into the field of computer science, and valuable skills for even the more experienced programmers.

                                                    - Jaydon Reap

                                            Vice President ACM

ACM meets Fridays during activity in Krammer’s (309)

ACM Month Two Update