ACM Month Two Update

    ACM has been very active these past few months. We have covered Computer Ethics, various cyber attacks, Tor and the Linux Terminal thus far and expect to move to our next unit soon. Currently Python Programming is planned, however Unit Game Development and Web Development have also been suggested.

    ACM also hosted a rather unique training experience for members. We created a fake website and purposely left vulnerabilities in the code and ask members to try and break in. The site was modeled after a real, full functioning instant messaging website. Members then spent the week messing around with the site and attempting to find all the vulnerabilities hidden in the code. This allowed members to use the attacks and vulnerabilities they had learned in a real world context to attack this site. It also taught that checking for vulnerabilities is key when developing any software and now know how to avoid them. This was a very good learning experience and gave members a solid foundation of key Cybersecurity concepts to use in the future.

- Jaydon Reap

Vice President ACM

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