ACM Update Three

Jaydon Reap


ACM Writeup #3

    ACM has been quite busy these past couple of months. We have been continuing to meet and provide various lessons on cybersecurity, as we have been since the start of the year, but we are now starting to cover a variety of “other” topics. Such as internet privacy, the Tor network and standard software practices.

    Our big topic for this period was Net Neutrality. We covered a variety of privacy based topics as this tied in directly to the real world issue of Net Neutrality. For those who don’t know Net Neutrality is the concept that internet service providers (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) can’t charge people extra to view “premium sites”. These laws were up to a vote in the FCC and so it seemed fitting to cover Net Neutrality as our central topic. Our next couple topics are planned to be related to software practices and programming languages. 


- Jaydon Reap

Vice President ACM

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