ACM Update Four

ACM Write Up #4

Revision 4




    The past few months have been a bit quieter for ACM then before but we have still done some rather interesting things! First off, we started a new unit on HTML and CSS development and the basics for Web Design. Web related topics have been our main focus for these past few months. Due to the counseling department working on course selection, our room 309, has been hard to claim. The administration uses it for course selection during this time.

    Despite this, Pclassic prepared for their spring competition which is coming up soon in the next few months. If you are not aware, Pclassic is a programming competition where students go head-to-head to complete various programming challenges. It is a great experience for students and provides a unique opportunity to hone their programming skills.

    In the coming weeks, we plan to continue our Web Development course as our room should be open again soon. After our Web Development course is complete, we plan on finishing up the year with a Python programming course or possibly a Unity game development course. As always, the members decide what we teach next. Whichever course they choose will take ACM through the end of the year and conclude an exciting and eventful year in Charter’s ACM chapter!


- Jaydon Reap

Vice President Charter ACM


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