ACM Update 5

This year has been a great one for ACM. We’ve offered a variety of lessons and even had a few hands-on projects and challenges for our members. However, as the year comes to a close I want to take a few moments to thank the outgoing senior leadership, Jesse and Harry, for all the time and energy they have invested in ACM this past year. Good luck to both of them next year! We would also like to welcome the new ACM Officers for next year. We are bringing on a new Vice President, a Treasurer and two new Teaching Officers to help run things next year. They will not only help us run the club efficiently, but they will also help us offer more areas of study. These new areas will include  AI and TensorFlow. These new additions will allow us to teach and engage an even broader audience of people looking to learn more about the technology world.

Overall this year has been a good one and has certainly helped us all grow! I look forward to seeing what new and interesting events and topics ACM will offer to its members next year. Thanks for giving us a great year and we look forward to next year!


Jaydon Reap

President of CSW ACM

ACM Update Four