Hurricane Matthew Approaches Florida

Hurricane Matthew Approaches Florida

By Peyton McPeak


Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti on Thursday, October 4. The hurricane devastated Caribbean nations before continuing North towards the United States.
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Over the past few weeks, Hurricane Matthew has caused about 271 deaths in the building nation of Haiti when it hit landfall on Thursday, October 4. One hundred thirty mile per winds affected the southern parts of the Caribbean nation that border the Dominican Republic.


The United Nations Secretary General told NBC News there might be threat of cholera and other water-contaminated diseases in Haiti and around one million need help and  


On the northern coast of Cuba, about 130-140 mile per hour winds hit Cuba.  CNN reports that thirty homes were washed away in the northeastern town of Baracoa and torn away roofs in hundreds of homes.


In the states of Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, the governors have proclaimed a state of emergency. On CNN governor of Florida Rick Scott stated “our state must be prepared for a direct hit. However, on Thursday evening, Matthew stayed about 100 miles of the southern coast of Florida, as Fox News states, but 600,000 plus homes, businesses, and buildings suffered power outages.


As Fox News reports  “Officials from Florida to South Carolina urged an estimated of 2 million people  to evacuate.” Governor Scott also ordered 3,500 Florida National Guard members to assist in missions.


President Barack Obama announced state emergencies Thursday and having federal aid helping out state services in the potentially affected states. Pentagon placed over 4,00 National Guard members at the four governors’ disposal before the hurricane landed.


The Hurricane made officials turned their focus to the capital city of Jacksonville, Florida with hurricane’s winds reaching up to 120 miles per hour winds. About 1.6 million people live within the metropolitan area.


On Sunday, the hurricane reached the state of North Carolina and killed twenty people and resulted in about in hundreds of water rescues as the Weather Central reported on October 11th. Around 1,500 people in North Carolina remained grounded on their ceilings.


Around 36 deaths alone were caused by Hurricane Matthew. In Florida, a total of twelve deaths were accounted; Virginia accounted one death yesterday; South Carolina and Georgia declared three deaths. Erosions on their beaches, blackouts, and major flooding devastated communities and towns.


The floodwater of the aftermath continued to rise in the affected states. President Obama signed a state of emergency for the 31 counties affected by Matthew in North Carolina.


CBS reported that an estimate of around 10 billion dollars at most would be the cost of damages due to Matthew.

People in both the Caribbean and the southeastern parts of the United States were both severely affected by Hurricane Matthew, yet the only thing we can do is pray and hope that people can recover from this natural disaster.


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