Letter From the Editor

Ben Snyder

The first known writings date back to ancient Sumer when people used clay tablets to record tax records.  Over four thousand years later, their literary tradition is continuing in the Charter School of Wilmington’s own school newspaper: The Force File.  To be fair, our ancestry doesn’t quite trace back to Mesopotamia, but rather to the founding of Force Media last year by Grady McPeak.


When Grady approached me about editing the newspaper, I was ecstatic.  Immediately, I checked out the school website link to see what it was all about only to discover a lonely Error 404: Page not found.  Building the newspaper from scratch is a daunting and still incomplete task, but I would like to thank those that have made it possible so far: our moderator, Ms. Lounsbury; the deputy editor,  Preeti Krishnamani; and the creator of our digital home, Nikhil Kanamarla.


We hope that this newspaper will help students learn about the world and all the better if they do so with a laugh.  We also hope that we can create a stronger community here at Charter and have fun in the process--just ask the journalists about our publishing party.  Finally, we want to provide a creative outlet for students, something that can be overlooked in a math and science oriented school.


This first edition, like all experiments, is a learning experience and we want to hear your feedback.  If you find yourself snooping around with a pen and paper or a tape recorder, please shoot us an email and we would love to have you in our club.  If you just really want to read a column that we don’t have, we want to know that too.


We believe there is something here for everyone, be it poems, cartoons, puzzles, opinion pieces, informative articles, or short stories.  Now go on and explore what our journalists have to say!



Ben Snyder

Editor in Chief


Contact us at cswnewspaper@gmail.com

Coming Soon: Force File Advice Column

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