January Low Down

January Low Down

By Dorcas Olatunji

Image by Mattel Games.

Image by Mattel Games.


“I can breathe again.”

Midterms this year were not that bad. Seriously. But that depends on what classes you take. Freshmen, congrats… three more rounds to go. Seniors, that’s finally it for high school midterms!! Now some of them went very well thanks to long hours of serious studying, while for other midterms,  something like this happened:

Image by Funnymemes.com   

Image by Funnymemes.com


Whether they went well or not, the end results do not define us. We can put all of that behind us (unless, of course, your final is cumulative… then you’re out of luck).


“It’s about time!”

The winter season is winding down, and the spring season is coming up! Show your fierce Force spirit and support our clubs and sports teams as they end their matches. Here are some club/sports names and dates, as well as their final competitions:

Mock Trial 2/23-24, Leonard L. Justice Center ; Girls Basketball 2/20 and/or 3/09

Boys Basketball 2/20 and/or 3/10 ; Swimming 2/21 and 2/24, UD etc. visit www.forcessports.com 

The first practice day for all spring sports in March 1st.


“There’s so much in store.”

This February, various clubs will be selling things to celebrate the Valentine’s day vibes and dress down days. Support your peers by purchasing these various goods and enjoy the feeling of help and satisfaction. A special surprise is coming up in March: a personal student favorite that you’ll have to read in next month’s issue to find out. Freshmen, you’re in for a great time. Upperclassmen, you may have forgotten the magic of March. But anyways, February, though super long, is still FILLED with promise. 


“WOOOHHHHOOO! Random off days rock!”

You see, February is a special time where Charter students are blessed with three 4 day weeks. After the toil of midterms and a five day week afterwards, these 4-day weeks are pretty much well deserved. On these amazing off days, you can sleep in, catch up on work, or better yet, hang out with your friends! Just remember though, these days will still fly by and soon the month will be over.


No comment.

Trump’s State of the union Address. New ‘bills’. Government shutdown. Possibility of another one soon. World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. Fair work schedules. State revenue projections. Women's march. A year of trump in office. Three years to go. Government reopened. Health insurance. Immigration & DACA. Russia Investigation. Worst week for US stocks in 2 years. Possible inflation coming. Worst flu season in decades. Super Bowl Sunday on February 4th. Winter Olympics in South Korea. Infrastructure Plans. Super Blue Blood Moon 2018. Lunar Eclipse. A warmer earth. EAGLES WIN. 41-33! (Some news has been omitted due to sensitivity.)


“The (school) year is almost over.”

What?! January is already done, the first ladder of 2018 taken. With the second week of February already underway, time seems to be moving pretty quickly. Spring break is coming soon, the next major break before the end of an amazing school year so far. There are still some great things underway before this time, like Charterthon, which will be in late March. The countdown to spring break from 02/11 is 45 days. Hang tight, Charter.

No need to countdown to June, the Lowdown has gotcha covered.

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