All In One Summer Guide 2018!

All In One Summer Guide 2018!

Author Dorcas Olatunji

(Image by Atlanta Magazine.)

(Image by Atlanta Magazine.)

Whew! April sure went by very quickly! Here we are, in the middle of May, desperately waiting to soak up the summer sun. The hallways are only getting hotter, as the temperatures are rising. As the clock winds down, with two to three more weeks of school and finals for some, here is a guide to make the best of your 2k18 summer.

Summer Work: Internships, Jobs, Programs, & Volunteer Ops

The summer is a great time to get a job to build independence, help build a new experience for your resume, and to earn a bit of cash too! With all of the hustle and bustle of the end of the year and leading up to this point, it may have been hard to apply for great job opportunities and focus on school simultaneously. If you are thinking all of the amazing opportunities’ deadlines have elapsed, do not be discouraged because there are still jobs you can get this late in the year.

If you have already secured that perfect internship, I applaud you! There is still something in this issue for you though, to complement the fantastic summer ahead.

Applications: There are a few job sites out there that can help in narrowing options down. Some of those sites include but aren’t limited to:

Possible Programs:

(Image by Flex Appeal Reno)

(Image by Flex Appeal Reno)

DelaWHERE? Attractions, Festivals & Fun You CANNOT Miss

While our state is pretty small, there are still some big things to make your summer more worthwhile. Here is a quick list of the super fun events that are coming up in June and July.

> Wilmington Flower Market - May 10 to May 12 -

> Bethany Beach Seaside Craft Show - June 2 -

> Holy Trinity Greek Festival - June 5 to June 9 - [Wilmington]

> St. Anthony’s Italian Festival - June 10 to June 17 -

> St. Elizabeth’s Carnival - June 11 to June 16 - [Bear]

> NCC Ice Cream Festival - June 23 to June 24 - [Wilmington]

> Delaware State Fair - July 19 to July 28 - [Harrington]

These are just a few of the many exhilarating events coming this summer, here is another link for more events:! And if you cannot wait for these festivals, there is a new exciting spot called MainEvent in Newark, Delaware. There is ziplining, laser tag, and bowling—fun for everyone!

Continuing Charter: Summer Reading, APs, & Prep [ADVICE]

How to Stay on Task with More Time:

  1. Make a schedule of things to accomplish weekly.

  2. Take breaks and have fun (it is summer after all!)

  3. Plan strategically and don’t waste the whole summer binge-watching.

  4. Expect great results and envision getting your work done in a timely manner.

  5. Be aware of how fast the summer will go by (unfortunately :( )

  6. Do not wait until the day before school to do all of your summer work!

How to Prepare for the Next Year of High School:

Now, because I have yet to finish my sophomore year, there is a limit to how much in depth this advice can go.

  1. Rising Sophomores: Take a PSAT. Study Biology. Explore Careers. Get into the College Search. Apply for Scholarships (never too early!). Summer Work. Get to Know Yourself (sounds weird but find out things you’re really passionate about). Community Service (SMARTSummer @ Charter is an excellent example). More Info:

  2. Rising JUNIORS: Take the SAT. Explore Careers. Learn about the College Application Process. Summer Work. Visit Campuses. Work on Time Management. Prepare for a Harder Course Load. Plan Strategically. More Info:

  3. Rising Seniors: Visit Colleges. Take the ACT and/or SAT. Finetune your passions. Make the most of your internships. Get connected with people in your career path desires. Find any weak areas in your resume. Finalize your college list. More Info:

Consider making a College Timeline account here:

Well, Charter readers, it has truly been an incredible journey to May. I hope you all have a fantastic summer. Do not sleep on your academics (‘cuz summa ain’t here just yet)!



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